I am based in Port Orange, FL but one of the greatest perks of my job is traveling all over the Florida and the United States to capture unforgettable moments. I specialize in weddings and boudoir photography because I'm a not-so-secret romantic that believes love is one of the very best parts of life. Being a true creative, I can't resist multiple genres of photography and truly enjoy shooting portraits and even real estate.

jLauricella images

Even though it's crazy to think that 2011 was ten years ago, that's when my photography business started to blossom and jLauricella images was born.


I am a photographer for the creative and unconventional. I want to work with you to collaborate and make magic. I want to take risks and try new things. I want your shoot to be an amazing and memorable experience. I want your photos to capture who you are, what your love means to you and what you were feeling in that exact moment. 


Working with my will be open and communicative. We will bounce ideal off of each other and come up with something that you're completely happy with. These aren't just photos, this is an experience. We are cultivating moments together.