Hi. I'm Jackie. 

The most important thing in my life is passion. It has driven my entire life from athletics to self expression & relationships to my current profession. My "day job" is amazing. I am a health care professional in the sports medicine community known as an athletic trainer. I get to help, I get to heal and most importantly, I have the opportunity to change lives.

Photography was my first love. While I love the health care field, I find myself driven to create and express. There is something beautiful about building a moment and capturing the most authentic and vibrant parts of it. I love making a true connection with my clients and letting their authenticity show through my photos. I don't want things to be forced or posed, I want who you truly are and what you truly feel in that moment to shine through each photograph. 

My partner, Josh, and I live in Durham, North Carolina. Josh is a public speaker and a health coach. He finds himself as a model in front of my lens quite often. We frequently travel, love to hike, and spend most of our time being as active as possible.